Wife Cumslut Whore

Wife Cumslut Whore

I am a Wife Cumslut Whore Granny Mom who loves to be spurted on in pics and person.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wife Cumslut Whore

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My husband caught me having an affair with a young guy. He did not tell me but he talked to the guy and had him take pics of me. I posed willingly for him, thinking the photos were only for him. My boyfriend then went out and posted them in public places, some in restaurants, some in Truck Stops. Then he took the photos of them where he posted them. I got very erotic when he showed them to me and took him violently in bed. After a while I asked him if he could get guys to cum on my pics. He did and we had another hot session in bed. I had him arrange one gangbang for me and really enjoyed it. This is when I found out that this was my husband's plan. My husband made the pics into a vid and he posted it online. I am using that vid now on the Yahoo Group above.


My husband knows I am a 62 year old cumslut whore now and love having cum spurted all over me so he is letting me live out my sexual dream now. I like young, barely legal boys. Write me if you fit the description of what I would like to dream about.Grannies and Boys

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